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A well-chosen nutritional plan can help improve our daily sense of health and wellbeing and can help overcome a broad range of health issues.  Good nutrition can also support the wellbeing of individual’s living with chronic and more serious health conditions. 


But what is ‘good’ nutrition?


There is no universal diet or way of eating that suits every individual. 

There is however a way of eating that is appropriate and suitable for each of us.  Nutrition is much more than a deep understanding of nutrient values and the composition of foods.  Nutrition is about understanding the nutritional demands of any individual, in both health and illness, and determining their body’s ability to make use of the nutrients in the foods they eat, or the nutritional supplements they invest in.


In today’s terms, the word diet tends to suggest a plan or style of eating created for any individual seeking to achieve a certain outcome – it’s a huge industry.  I think most of us have experienced how these diets can work for some but do not offer the same benefits for all.  For this reason, along with others, the term diet can be associated with very negative ideas.  In some cases a diet may mean limiting particular foods for some individuals for a period of time and for others a lifetime avoidance may be necessary, but for most a diet does not need to be extreme or difficult.  The best diet is a way of eating that is designed to meet our individual demands on nutrients and our personal health goals.  These factors will determine the focus of the diet however, the key to any ‘diets’ success is its sustainability.  Ease and desirability are critical.


My passion is to find the best nutritional plan that offers each of us our strongest sense of well-being in times of health and ill-health that very quickly becomes second nature.

Nutritional Medicine

- vitality comes from real food

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