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Homeopathic Medicine

The origin of Homeopathic Medicine

In medicine and pharmacology, Samuel Hahnemann was one of the most learned men of his time.  Disillusioned with the theories and practice of eighteenth century medicine he retired from practice in 1782 and looked for a more reliable basis for therapeutics resulting in the establishment of a system of medicine known as homeopathy. The main principle of homeopathy is that of ‘similia’ or ‘simile’ (similarity), which means ‘like cures like’. That is, when a substance is capable of inducing a series of symptoms in a healthy living system, low doses of the same substance can remove these symptoms under certain circumstances.


Homeopathic medicines are derived from a wide variety of plant, mineral and chemical substances and are used in highly diluted amounts.


What does homeopathic treatment involve?


Once a patient’s medical history and current complaint is fully understood a homeopathic medicine will be selected.  Homeopathic medicines can be in liquid form or as pillules dissolved under the tongue.


The frequency and length of treatment are determined by the individual expression of a condition but as an example, acute dosing may be a once-off dose or may last a few days, with longer term treatment for a chronic condition possibly being over weeks or months and then if and when needed.

Why does a homeopathic remedy work on one person with a particular condition but not work on another person with the same condition?


In homeopathy, and in any modality used in naturopathic practice, a condition is considered in the context of the person expressing the signs and symptoms of a disease rather than treating the disease as an entity in itself.  While it is useful to give a name to an overarching, generalised presentation of this specific set of signs and symptoms, our experience, expression and root cause of any condition is more often than not, different.  Therefore careful and detailed case taking is required in order to select the appropriate remedy for the person and their individual expression of a condition or illness.


Why choose homeopathic treatment over other available treatments?


Homeopathy stimulates the body's own capacity to correct itself rather than simply doing the correcting for the body. It's easy to take, inexpensive, gentle, effective and serves the body well in general. It can be prescribed safely during pregnancy, infancy and in the elderly and can be used safely and confidently alongside prescription medications.


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