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General Health Assessments

- prevention is better than cure

A General Health Assessment is a preventative style of health care.  It will help you understand your current health and the influences on your current health status.  This knowledge can allow you to optimize your future health.


The earlier health problems are detected the better your health outcomes will be and the easier they are to manage.  In the long term, this will mean less interruption to your daily life as well as protection for your key asset, your health!


This health check includes a thorough assessment of your personal and family medical history along with your current physical and mental well-being.  It will provide information on how to improve your health if necessary and identify the need for any further investigations or referral to other health professionals such as your family doctor, dentist or other allied health services.


Health checks for preconception & pregnancy


Pregnancy places many demands on a woman’s body so the preconception period, which is generally three months prior to pregnancy, is an ideal time to undergo some health checks.   Making changes in your life at this time can help reduce potential problems during pregnancy and also assist in your recovery from birth.

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