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Functional Pathology

- detecting functional change ahead of pathology

Functional Pathology tests investigate abnormalities in the function of a tissue or organ. When General Pathology investigations return a ‘normal’ or ‘within range’ result we can feel comforted but also frustrated as we have no further understanding or insight into why we are experiencing signs that ‘something is not quite right’.  If left untreated these may in time progress beyond functional changes to pathological change.


Functional tests available:


  • CDSA – Complete Digestive Stool Analysis

  • FLDP – Functional Liver Detoxification Profile

  • Helicobacter pylori antigen

  • Food Sensitivity Profiles

  • RAST/Allergy Profiles

  • IP – Intestinal Permeability

  • sIGA

  • 3 Day Parasitology

  • Adrenal Hormone Profile

  • Full Cycle Hormone Profile

  • Melatonin Hormone Profile

  • Complete Thyroid Profile

  • Genetic Diagnostic Testing

  • MTHFR Gene Test

  • Coeliac Gene Test

  • Haemochromatosis Test

  • Nutritional Profiles

  • Metabolic Profiles

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