Meet Kerrie


Our health is arguably our greatest asset and as a qualified naturopath my passion is to support my clients in their pursuit of best health. 


Influences on our health vary as do our personal goals for  best health. My naturopathic approach seeks to understand all the factors influencing an individual's health including  personal & family medical history, current lifestyle demands, nutrition and work/home environments. 


Whether your health concern is acute or chronic, medically diagnosed or is a seemingly random collection of symptoms, working closely with my clients is key to determining the best path to achieving their desired health outcomes.

"Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food"

- Hippocrates

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Natural Health
How can Naturopathy help me?
We are born with the incredible ability to heal ourselves - a truly amazing process.
In every moment of every day our bodies are striving to keep us at our optimal health and  function.  For many reasons, this capacity can become overwhelmed allowing ill-health to take hold.  Naturopathy seeks to support our inbuilt capacity to heal ourselves by working with the body's natural processes to restore health.
Naturopathy is a practice that in today's context can draw from the learnings of modern science, however its strength comes from couplng this scientific evidence with the well-established traditional practice and empirical evidence of medicine from its earliest origins.
As a result, naturopathic medicine is able to utiilise a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic systems to assist clients who may be after a better sense of well-being, through to those of us looking for support through acute illness or improved wellbeing whilst living with a chronic condition.